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Explore our world

It’s extraordinary

Explore the outdoors

Go on an a nature safari

Explore the oceans

Dive into adventure

Explore Science

Observe and discover

The world is an extraordinary place

There are so many places to explore. Why not start exploring in your own back yard?

With Our Extraordinary world journal in hand, you are the explorer, the scientist. your job is to form the hypothesis and test the results.

Learn to think like a scientist.





Be the explorer

Come and explore the magnificent world of bugs, birds, sharks, and reptiles.

Gather your equipment and head out with your journal in hand. With Ourextraodinary World journal, you are in charge of the exploration. You decide what to explore. You decide how to document your observations and what questions to ask. Through this process, you will learn and grow from your findings.

Ourextraordinary World journals will also provide a history of your adventures. Something to look back on and see how far you have come.

The experience

More than a journal, each book in this series is a unique create-your-own exploration of the wonders of Our Extraordinary World. Each book contains an outline to guide you in exploring a section of nature.

There are questions to ask, a place for sketches and drawings, and room for conclusions and additional questions.

It’s a starting point; a jumping-off place that encourages adventurers of all ages to get up, get out and get involved.

Additional titles in Ourextraordinary World series: